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Losing faith in the medical profession

I'm really starting to hate doctors...i mean, more than just the whole money-gouging thing that pisses everyone off...i guess it's because i'm used to MY doctor, who is by far the coolest doctor on the planet and i'm totally spoiled by him...i never have a problem getting to talk to him if i need to, i don't get charged an arm and a leg for an office visit and if i can't any prescribed medication for 4 bucks at one of the many pharmacies that are doing that these days, he'll make sure to send me home with enough samples of what i need to get me through...in short, i'm spoiled rotten by my doctor...

But i talk to people from all over the place all night long and yeah, i might bitch and complain about them on here all the time, but sometimes i actually DO understand why they're calling...i mean, if *I* had a sick five-year-old with a fever and complaining of bad stomach cramps just a day or so after receiving a polio vaccine, i'd call the doctor too...but to have the doctor give a comment like "And she thinks this is an emergency at 3:00 in the morning?" just pisses me off to no end...

And this doctor isn't the only one! I have a few doctors who want us to triage calls for them and only to put through "real emergencies" between certain hours...well how the hell am i supposed to know? I'm not a medical professional...i was a fucking ENGLISH MAJOR for fuck's sake! Want me to check grammar? No problem! But if someone says to me "the patient is complaining of severe neck pain and is having trouble breathing", that sounds pretty important to me! Or the one time when a facility called me at midnight with a new admit to their unit and the patient needed a sleeping pill...the doctor i called had the nerve to call me back and yell at me because that could have waited until 6:00AM! WHAT THE FUCK? I don't know about you, but if i don't get at least a few hours sleep, i'm absolutely useless...and i need even more if i'm ill...so if a person is sick enough to warrant admission to a hospital or nursing home, i would think that sleep would be a priority!

Seriously, whatever happened to people who went into medical professions out of a personal desire to actually help people? Are there any people like that left out there? Or are they all just in it to make money and that's why they can't be bothered to actually take care of their patients outside of the office? Because seriously, if you don't care enough about your patients to take their calls when they need you, why are you a doctor in the first place? Hell, i have a couple doctors who still do HOUSE CALLS, but the vast majority, over 99% of them, can hardly be assed to advise a patient after hours, much less a hospital or nursing home unless it's a "real emergency".

And people wonder why i try to treat my own illnesses as much as i possibly can...not because i don't love my doctor and not because he doesn't try his best to take care of me...but because his colleagues have embittered me to the profession and i don't want to be the patient who calls for every little thing from hangnails and splinters to sniffles and headaches...i only call when it's important and whether that relates directly to the care i get from doctor or not is besides the point...i just don't want to be that person...

And don't EVEN get me started about the veterinarians!



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