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So what am i up to these days? Fourteen reasons? Fifteen? Well, whatever i'm at, this is the newest one: People who refuse to listen to simple fucking instructions...

It's becoming more and more difficult to be patient with these people...and unlike the PGB(tm), the NPGB(tm), the Snarky Nurses, Rude Unit Clerks and others that i've ranted about, these people are in an entirely different class...let's call them "Too Cheap to Drive"...the reason i say that is because their rides are generally covered by health insurance...i'll explain that in a bit, because that's where this all begins...

We started answering for a transport company a few months ago that picks people up and takes them to doctor's appointments, surgeries, dialysis and even a couple methadone patients...oddly enough, it's the junkies we have the least trouble with, but i digres...at any rate, these people will call me starting a little after 4:30 in the morning because their rides are late...and by "late" i mean "a 4:30AM ride didn't show up by 4:31AM"...yes, you read that right...gods forbid their driver get stuck in traffic or at a rail crossing or get detoured by construction or an accident...oh no, these people expect everyone to be 100% punctual at all times and if not, guess who gets yelled at? That should be obvious, since i'm here to rant...

At any rate, this TCtD(tm) bitch calls in because her ride's late (4:45am ride wasn't there by 4:46am)...i tell her to wait 15 minutes and if they're not there, call me back...well, she waited 10, then started to get all uppity with me...so i told her "Ma'am, what i need you to do is wait about 5 minutes and call the office back..." at which point she cut me off to continue ranting about her missing ride...so i tried to cut in, so i could explain to her that all she had to do was wait until 5:00AM (the real one, not the one by her obviously fast clock), call the office number and push "0" to get through to the office...because although they don't physically OPEN until 6:00am, there's someone ther at 5:00 just in case...

So what does this TCtD(tm) bitch do next? Tells me to fuck off and hangs up...

Yep, hating people just a little bit more every day...


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Sep. 27th, 2007 05:44 pm (UTC)
You were right
Morgomir, here OMNG you have one wierd job. You honer me with with your presence. (So to speak.)
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