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And I thought my callers were morons

Yeah, I haven't updated in a while. I haven't really had anything new to talk about, just a long line of the same old, same old...you know the cast of characters, the PGBs, the Nasty Old Ladies, the doctors who can't be bothered to practice their profession and all the others I've spoken of here. Well, I have a new category and I'll add it to my tags if it becomes an issue.

See, we moved to a new office back in the spring. A pretty, roach-free, centrally heated and air conditioned new office. We have a new computer system, complete with internet at every station and walls that are actually not painted beige. However, along with the new office, we also got a crop of new employees and even a new office manager. I don't really have to deal with any of them very much, since I work alone and prefer it that way, but they still make their presence felt.

I'm not sure who this rant is directed at specifically, but I have my suspicions. Pretty much all of 2nd shift is new people, including T (who I like), N (who I have no opinion on really) and S (who I pretty much hate with the fiery passion of a thousand suns going supernova at the same time). I'm sure it doesn't take a genius to figure who I'm suspecting here. But let's take a look at what I was left with when I walked in last night.

Sink full of dishes: check
Trash cans emptied, but no new bags put in: check
My personal belongings moved around the desk: check
Bottles of condiments thrown around the fridge instead of put away on the door: check
No paper in the bathrooms: haven't checked that yet, but I'll let you know.
Random bits of food and stuff on the floor: check
Desks not wiped down: check

Gods above, I could go on, but I won't. I'm sure I don't have to. I just can't believe that I'm left with the same list of shit to do every night, no matter how many times I tell these people where to find the stuff to do their jobs! I had a note on the notice board for THREE WEEKS that said "Trash bags are on the shelf next to the other bathroom". Since the notice board is next to one bathroom, with no shelves nearby, one would think that there ARE shelves next to the other bathroom in the back office and that trash bags can be found there. I have also told everyone where to find the disinfecting cleaner and paper towels, so they can clean up the desks before they leave. I had the fridge arranged so that people could fit their food containers in there and the condiments would be on the door to make them eaiser to find. And everyone on first shift leaves my personal shit alone, so why 2nd shift can't is a mystery for the ages.

Now it's December and 'tis the season to be forced into a good mood or something. I'm not actually a big fan of Christmas, for my own personal reasons, but if there's one thing that'll make me happy, it's pissing someone else off. And when I told the 2nd shift girls on their way out one night that I was planning to decorate the office for the holiday, S went off on this rant about how no one wanted the place decorated and no one cared and that she hates Christmas and doesn't want it shoved down her throat and yadda yadda yadda. So I'm going WAY over the top this year with decorations. And I also know for a fact that out of the 12 people who work here, 10 of them really like the decorations. I don't, even though I like the actual act of putting them up and I can admit that the results are pleasing to the eye, and S, who I hope chokes on every bit of tinsel that I put on the tree this year.

Anyway, that's my rant for now. I'm sure my lovely co-workers will come up with another thing soon enough that'll drive me back here to rant again. I'm very sorry I was gone for so long, but I haven't been this irritated in a very long time. And although I love each and every one of you, I really hope I'm not back too soon.




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